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Still, from the limited data presented, HCV is a major health problem there is no doubt that requires greater attention. Prognosis and Treatment Failure Relative to Genotype The success rates for hepatitis C treatment for patients on ribavirin and pegylated interferon for up to weeks has been determined to be 50 percent.

For this reason, a number of individuals with the disease become aware of their infection only after considerable damages to the hepatic cells Hicks, Eleven more patients not subjected to liver biopsy bared cirrhosis signs, implying that of the Hepatitis c hcv essay had cirrhosis at the study entry.

Since Hepatitis C virus infection is blood borne it is compulsory to check blood before transfusion to the patient. Despite this, a number of positive developments have been realized,which include the harm reduction strategies like new syringe and needle provision or substance use treatments that have proved beneficial in reducing hepatitis C risk in IDU cases Ghany et al,p.

In the case of chronic infection, it has been reported that about 80 percent of those exposed to hepatitis virus develop hepatitis C Nelson, et al. For example, in the case of thrombocytopenia, it is estimated the condition reaches 0. The infection involves an initial acute phase which is often asymptomatic and can last up to six months.

Typical detection of HCV Ribonucleic acid has been made possible using the polymerase chain reactions.

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In the case of chronic infections that occur without symptoms, it is thus discovered in the event of routine screening and during elevated liver enzyme levels investigations. The virus also can be transmitted through semen, vaginal fluid, or saliva of an infected individual, although in rare cases.

An additional four million new infections are reported annually around the globe, making the disease to be of public health concern Hicks, Early diagnosis therefore is recommended for the prevention of these damages and to avoid infecting healthy individuals.

A new viral antigen was found in the nuclei of hepatocytes of patients infected with HBV and found to be related to a new virus—now named as HDV. The acute Hepatitis C people do not show any signs and symptoms.

The difference in genotypes in relation to prognosis also presents another challenge to healthcare providers. For this reason, a number of individuals with the disease become aware of their infection only after considerable damages to the hepatic cells Hicks, Other interventions that have been put in place include ultrasound surveillance for cases of hepatocellular carcinoma and timely vaccination against other forms of hepatitis.

It is also a common problem among alcoholics with reduced liver functions. In chronic HCV infection the new standard cares for the treatment of Used in Protease inhibitors PI combination with pegylated interferon and Ribavirin [44].Hepatitis C Research Paper Laura A.

Hepatitis C

Symicek October 17, Hepatitis C Research Paper This research paper is going to review today’s silent killer, the Hepatitis C virus. This paper will talk about the description of the disease, the signs and symptoms, the etiology and risk factors, diagnostic studies, treatments and prognosis of this disease.

Hepatitis C - Introduction For this essay, I will do research on Hepatitis C for recognition targeted towards technical publications as JAMA, New England Journal Of Medicine etc.

Hepatitis C (HCV) causes inflammation of the liver and can cause liver damage leading to cirrhosis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, ), hepatitis C is defined as a contagious hepatic disease resulting from hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.

HCV is the leading etiological agent for chronic hepatitis, hepatocellular carcinoma, and liver cirrhosis (Drexler, et al (, p).5/5. Essay on Hepatitis C Words | 10 Pages. My uncle was not the only person to become infected with the hepatitis C virus, but in fact many people are presently struggling to keep it under control.

Disease Conditions of Hepatitis C Essay - Hepatitis C (HCV) is defined as inflammation of the liver, caused by a virus.

The liver, because of its diversity, can be locally diffuse throughout the liver or it can manifest systemically (Osborn, Wraa, Watson and Hollaeran, ).

Hepatitis C Virus Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, which can be caused by several different viruses. It can also be acute or chronic, depending on the particular virus and stage of the disease.

Hepatitis c hcv essay
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